The internet has changed everything from how we communicate to how we learn -- and especially, how we shop. As a buyer, the internet has made life much easier, however, salespeople don’t always feel the same way.


That’s because all of the options and information is already available to consumers which leads to more competition, more noise, and ultimately more control in the buyer’s hands.

Table of Content

  1. Alignment
  2. Management
  3. Enablement

Traditionally speaking, salespeople had most of the power in a sales meeting as they had all of the information prospects needed, but now all of that information, and power, is easily accessible online.

Buyers no longer need to go directly through a salesperson to make a purchase.

This new era of empowered buyers has forced a change within the laggard sales world. Enter Inbound Sales – a sales approach that better aligns with the shopping preferences and behaviors of modern buyers.

1) Alignment

When it comes to how prospects are nurtured and when they’re contacted, if Sales is working on one set of assumptions and Marketing on another, you don’t have a plan that’s working. What you need is a set of “rules” that tells each part of the team what they’re responsible for, what actions are taken (and when), and how a prospect is brought in.

a) Buyer's Journey Map

Alignment between Marketing and Sales starts with a unified vision of what a buyer goes through prior to making a final purchase decision. We chart your buyer’s journey with the help of all stakeholders to fully understand your customer’s actions, behaviors and experiences.

b) Marketing & Sales Service Level Agreement

Marketing & Sales Service Level Agreement (SLA) that details the Marketing-to-Sales process and outlines the commitments of both parties to take specific actions toward a single goal.

c) Marketing Automation & CRM Integration

Track business performance throughout the marketing and sales funnel, with integrated data tracking of visitors and leads, from their initial web visits to lead conversions to sales activity. 

2) Management


a) Lead Qualification

Not all leads are ready to buy—some aren’t even interested in what you have to offer. Qualify leads by defining what makes them fit one of your target profiles and by developing a scoring system to identify how ready they are to engage with Sales.

b) Lead Engagement

It takes 6-9 attempts to connect to get the most value out of a lead. Engage at the right time, in the right way, with the right message, developing connect sequences and templates.

c) CRM Setup & Management

Every sales team has a different way of tracking their opportunities. Set up your CRM to work best for your salespeople: the right sales process, smart deal tracking, and tools to increase productivity.

d) Key Performance Indicators

Provide a detailed report that show how well your efforts are working, and where the opportunities for improvement are. No vanity metrics—just the numbers that indicate your business’ growth potential.



a) Inbound Sales Workshop & Training

Inbound Sales requires a new way of thinking. We train your teams in half-day or full-day workshop sessions that help your salespeople embrace the inbound mentality and sales process.

b) Sales Content Development

The best sales teams use helpful content as their ammunition. By creating tailored, personalized email templates and smart presentation decks, we help ensure your sales team takes a consultative approach to closing new customers.

c) Smart Sales Messaging

Using HubSpot Sales, we help sales reps deftly communicate with every lead. Email sequences help salespeople nudge prospects toward the purchase, and automated notifications help you understand your prospects’ progress.

d) Social Selling

B2B sales is no longer a phone and email game. LinkedIn is an important soft-touch selling tool, and we help your sales people learn to make it part of their process. With the right LinkedIn social selling tactics, your reps can better engage their prospects.

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Written by Parvind

A seasoned technology sales leader with over 18 years of experience in achieving results in a highly competitive environment in multiple service lines of business, across the Americas, EMEA & APAC. Has a strong understanding of international markets having lived and worked in Asia, the Middle East and the US, traveled extensively globally.